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Old Car City - World’s Largest Known Classic Car Junkyard & Photographers’ Paradise

Located in north Georgia, Old Car City, is the world’s largest known classic car junkyard. It’s also known as “photographer’s paradise”. It’s an ideal place to take awesome photos. The place is over 34 acres and contains more than 4000 American-made vehicles from the early 20th century, including cars, trucks, vans, and even a couple school buses.

The current store owner's parents started this place as a small general store in 1931. When the World World Two began, there was a shortage in automobile parts. So the parents decided to purchase the old cars, dissemble the parts and sell them. The business turned out to be good so the place grew to be a large old car junkyard. When their son, Dean Lewi, took over, he told his children, they were not just going to make money by selling the parts, they would turn this place into a museum and open for public to visit.

The strategy work out well due to the uniqueness of this place. It has also attracted media attention. It was reported by CBS, the New York Times, the BBC and some others.

Check out my travel VLOG to take a look and learn more about this fun place:

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