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Fun With Horses: My First Horseback Riding Trail Experience @Georgia Frontiers

We've been stuck indoor for almost 7 months now because of COVID-19. It almost feels like "home prison"...We decided to go out and do things again on weekends, not somewhere crowded for current situation. So nature would be a good choice. Horseback riding trails are popular in Georgia so we went to this stable called "Georgia Frontiers" for our first trail riding experience. I had to say it was such a fun time. It was private and relaxing. Most of the ride was in the shade. Our tour guide was nice. We'd definitely go back again!

VLOG available here:


Coven Garden Carousel Top

Miss Sixty High Waist Denim Pants

Shoes: Tory Burch Riding Boots

Accessories: Frye Saddle Bag

British Museum Silk Scarf

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