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Floral Skirts For Spring & Summer

I got an email notification from Tory Burch a few days ago, letting me know that their 2020 Spring Handkerchief collection released on New York Fashion Week the end of last year is now available for purchase in store and online. It inspired me to do a video about floral skirts which for sure highlight your spring and summer look.

The Handkerchief collection is garden themed. It makes you feel like wandering in a garden on a sunny day, having British afternoon team, looking at butterflies dancing around you. The inspiration of the collection comes from fashion icon Princess Diana who also likes to wear floral skirts a lot.

If you wanna go with Handkerchief collection, you definitely have lots of choices here. It has tops, skirts, flats, bags...But I always choice no more than two items from the same collection and my quota for Handkerchief collection goes to its tunic dress.

Tunic dresses are more like long and loose-fitting shirts, favored by ancient Greeks and Romans. So you can wear them as skirts or as really long shirts that dress nicely with jeans or leggings. I prefer the latter in most cases.

I also mentioned other brands and outfit ideas for floral skirts in this video. Let's get on to it.


Tory Burch Handkerchief Tunic Dress

Flying Monkey Denim Pants

Shoes: Tory Burch Pumps

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