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Blossom In Caribbean

2016 Christmas trip to St. Maarten/St. Martin, a Caribbean island divided by Netherlands and France. It is the smallest inhabited island divided between two nations on earth.

Marigot, Capital of St. Martin of French side, is a great place for shopping, or simply just to walk around.

(Floral midi dress from Topshop, Princetown slippers from Gucci, NaRaYa purse bought in Phuket and Prada sunglasses)

If you climb on to the top of Fort Louis, you'd get the best view of Marigot.

(White top from Topshop, New Balance sneakers and Prada sunglasses)

Grand Case, a fishing village north of Marigot, is known for fine dining.

If you're a fan of perfume, don't miss out this cute Perfume Lab TIJON in Grand Case. Not only you can find a great selection of perfumes, you can even make your own and name it!

The Butterfly Farm close to Oriental Beach is beautiful. The owner shipped across the sea from England and built this place in the 90s and the farm has been destroyed by hurricanes by five times already. Hope they can hang in there a bit longer this time!

Philipsburg, Capital of St. Maarten of Dutch side, is the most famous Caribbean island for tax and duty free shopping. However, I found it not any better than Thanksgiving or Christmas sales in the US. Although I can't deny it's again a wonderful place to walk around and breath the ocean.

(Red Roses print dress from Topshop)

Last but not least, I'd like to highly recommend this interesting spot on Maho Beach for watching aircrafts landing. The SXM airport is too close to the ocean so the planes have to land right above the beach. Fun experience!

(White shirt from Calvin Klein)

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