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It's A Rainy Day

Unlike some other fashion bloggers, I don't have too much time for street photos. So whenever I have time to do it, I hope it would be a beautiful day. However, it's been raining a lot recently and I don't feel motivated to dress up and get out. I guess rainy day is supposed to be a sleepy day? But we do need to go to work or go out on those days. So I decided to write an article about what we wear on such occasions.

First of all, you don't want to wear something fancy unless you are supposed to be somewhere important by a limo. Otherwise, overdressing would probably make you look even more embarrased when you are poured by heavy rains. Function is always the first thing in a rainy day.

What would make your outfit functional? Convenient, comfortable, warm and water resistant. The one thing you can't miss is a pair of rainboots. You don't want to ruin your expensive leather shoes. Have fun with splashes with your rainboots. They can be chic look too, just as good as riding boots. For example, the Hunter boots I'm wearing in the photos.

A denim jacket always works for leisure days. It also serves the "function" purpose well here. You can consider pairing it with a warm and bright color scarf. It brings some colorful flavor to your outfit in a drowsy day.


雨天感觉不适合穿太fancy的衣服,淋湿了多心疼,看着也更狼狈。所以这种天气里,首先还是要务实!方便、保暖、不怕淋。这是雨天出门三大要素。那么最不能少的当然就是一双功能十足还卖相时尚的雨靴啦。小明君选择的是雨靴中的战斗机Hunter boots,这款内带夹层的踩着更舒服,保暖系数满分。





Top: INC denim jacket

Bottom: Zara jegging

Shoes: Hunter boots

Bag: Kate Spade bucket bag

Accessories: David & Young scarf

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