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Never Too Early Or Too Late: We Still Love Overalls!

It’s not news anymore that denim overalls have come back as chic fashion options since 2015 spring. What was first made for farmers and mechanics now has become the fashion statement version of denim. Well, if you haven’t got a chance to wear one yet, it won’t be too late for the coming fall.

I’d like to introduce my favorite pair - the skinny overalls in Adrian Wash from Madewell. Apparently, even though J Crew is failing in its sales figures, its sister brand, Madewell, is thriving in market partially due to its more hip and cooler look in its denim line. I haven’t found anything wrong with Madewell’s denim yet. They are artsy and chic look, as well as comfy. I would assume Chinese audience are probably somewhat familiar with the brand as well since they have tapped Liu Wen, the supermodel from China, for their catalogs again and again. Wen even wore their outfits several times in a popular Chinese reality show this summer.

Wearing the overalls reminds me a bit about childhood as well when overalls were one of basics for young girls in China. It used to represent cute and sweet somehow. But when you grow up, you don’t really care about looking sweet that much anymore. Pairing your overalls with a crop top, a mini bag and a pair of pointed pumps, you can add sexy flavors in your “cool look”. You can also easily put together other looks by changing your top to a white tee, an off-the-shoulder shirt or wearing short boots with a jacket on. If you want to look more casual and at ease, go with “boyfriend” style overalls.

A few words about Balenciaga’s Papier A4 mini bag. It’s definitely one of the hottest items in 2015, especially for Anne Hathaway since she was spotted taking her yellow Papier A4 everywhere. A bright color is always good. But I think this Black & Red rubber finish leather bag looks more decent and unique. Plus, it goes with everything. However, you probably can’t get the same type anymore since it’s a limited version of Papier A4 family. But of course, you can always try eBay.



隆重推介一下文中来自Madewell的这件背带裤。看《我们相爱吧》的盆友应该对品牌不陌生,大表姐刘雯在里面换过老多套他家的服装,不愧是给作代言来了。作为美国流行品牌J Crew的姊妹品牌,Madewell在牛仔系列上的表现尤其出色,主打酷帅舒适,颇得年轻人欢心。尽管J Crew的销售成绩一路下滑,却丝毫没有影响Madewell在全美继续开疆拓土。

今年迷你包各种抢占版面,我个人的眼光看来跟安妮海瑟薇比较相仿,对Balenciaga家的Papier A4情有独钟。安妮小姐今年屡次被拍到带着她的亮黄色A4出入各种场合,啥子机场、逛街……一个都不能少。我个人比较喜欢这款红与黑的限量款,神秘中带着几抹妖艳,低调的奢华感,而且比较百搭。最后不得不夸赞一下这款包两侧的拉链设计,经典。


Top: Zara Crop Top

Bottom: Madewell Skinny Overalls in Adrian Wash

Shoes: Michael Kors Flex Patent-Leather Pump

Bag: Balenciaga Black & Red Rubber Finish Leather Papier A4 Mini Covertible Bag

Accessories: Prada Sunglasses

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