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Shirtdress: A Must-have This Summer

There’s a reason for shirt dresses to be this summer’s must-have in your wardrobe: with a great pair of heels or comfy sneakers, you’re ready for almost all kinds of occasions in this one outfit. No matter you want an easy yet stylish weekend look, or a ladylike busy day at work look, or an effortlessly elegant cocktail party look, an appropriate shirt dress with a few accessories can meet all your requirements.

The simple yet genius invention has definitely turned out to be a key piece on hand. The one shown in my latest shots was from a local designer. The moment I saw it at Von Maur, I was felling in love with its color and pattern. Navy and green has always been one of my favorite color combinations. The delicate design makes the shirtdress look extra chic with a waist-cinching belt. Any white or nude color flats or heels look great with the shirtdress. The white mid-heels with a bow at the front make the whole outfit look more elegant.

The place where these shots were taken was also a nice place to check out. It’s Atlanta’s artistic district The Goat Farm, where some of the scenes in The Walking Dead and The Hunger Games were shot.

今夏shirtdress(衬衫裙)的概念火到不行,杂志上经常在宣扬的比较多的是材质简单、色彩单一明了的风格,轻松穿出French Chic的范儿。但今天想跟大家分享的是,shirtdress这种东西也可以穿出比较dressy的风格,比如这组图中这件大象图案的藏蓝和草绿配色的裙装。

前几天去mall的时候穿过Von Maur的女装区,正好一个人模上展示着这件衣服,一眼扫过即不能忘怀,果断出手。后来了解到,这个叫Haley and the Hound的牌子是美国北卡罗来纳州的一个妈妈设计师的作品,挺小众的。到她家网站特意观摩了一下,其实特别抓眼球的设计不多,大概也就是这件shirtdress颜值最高。这件dress比较大的特色有两个:一是材质比较板,自带腰带绑出小蛮腰,虽少了柔软shirtdress的休闲look,但多了几分优雅;另一个是图案比较有设计感,配色也鲜亮,吸睛度高。


最后想要提一嘴这组片子的拍摄地,亚特兰大Westside的The Goat Farm。这里可并不是因为养羊闻名的,而是在废弃工厂区兴起了一片类似北京798的艺术区。规模没有798那么大,但却是有些艺术家在那边有工作室搞创作。另外,这里也是许多美剧的拍摄地,最有名的包括《行尸走肉》(The walking Dead)和《饥饿游戏》(The Hunger Games)。我在一篇游记里有介绍过The Goat Farm这个地方,感兴趣的朋友可以点下方链接阅读。



Dress: Haley and the Hound Madeline Shirtdress in Navy Bamboo Elephant

Shoes: Hotwind Mid Heel Pumps

Accessories: Bulgari Sunglasses

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