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Light Up Your Summer With Green

As someone who was born and raised in Beijing, I feel sad to think about blue skies mostly in childhood memories now. That’s one of the reasons that prompted my moving back to the States and ended up living in Atlanta. I heard a lot about Hotlanta’s summer heat before I came here. But having been here for two summers, I don’t feel it’s any hotter or more humid than Beijing. The good difference is that you can see blue skies all the time and the lush greenness bathed in sunshine everywhere.

I thought the pair of green shorts with flower and leaves pattern would be a perfect idea to embrace the vitality. Kate Spade New York has a lot of collections that look chic and cute for young ladies. And this navy and green crossbody looks just right in summer. The highlight of the outfit is probably my favorite Stuart Weitzman Espadrilles with its vivid and beautiful floral print. The jute sole makes the footwear super comfy and trendy as well.

The round-shape Prada sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories despite the fact they make my hubby call me “bug face” all the time. The delicate frame design and its fine material make it a wise investment. It’s not as wise as real estate or 401k, but in the fashion world, you know. The “buggy” glasses almost go with everything no matter if you want an elegant, casual or “I’m a super star” look.


在这生机勃勃的夏意之中自然要来套清爽look,于是Zara这件淡绿色还有花叶纹路的短裤倒是很适合这一主题。搭配一件与短裤纹路同色系的藏蓝丝质上衣,既凉快又飘逸。自己觉得点睛之笔还是Stuart Weitzman这双布鞋,彩色花纹加上千层麻底,不要太美太舒服好不啦!纽约小潮牌Kate Spade有不少小清新look的背包很有轻熟女的风格,看着既时尚又年轻,装嫩杀器。这款藏蓝与绿色拼接的crossbody不仅与整身色调呼应,也是夏日出行很好搭的一款包包。



Top: Marie n Mary Silk Shirt

Bottom: Zara Shorts

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman Biarritz Printed Espadrille

Bag: Kate Spade Crossbody

Accessories: Prada Sunglasses, Calvin Klein Hat

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