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Dress Up With Your Comfy Sneakers!

If you think you can’t pull off a dress with sneakers, you may not be able to make a statement this summer!

Hollywood stars and the top models have been showing us how to meld the feminine look with a knock-around pair of kicks. A little black dress with tennis shoes is not no-no and insane anymore, it’s surprisingly considered to be trendy.

You never know how fashion works. Out-of-date items can be popular again; crazy ideas can be a new statement. Maybe that’s the charm of the mysterious industry. There’s always room for you to imagine, create and lead.

“The new sexy” is good news for me. I can never manage to walk in high heels more than 4 inches, although they are absolutely gorgeous. On days that I need to go out for some serious walking, my comfortable shoes are always there to help.

So here we go. These shots show how I set the tone with the new season’s vintage-look skirt from Banana Republic and a pair of classic Adidas originals that I’ve had forever. It makes the ensemble fun but also elegant. The pink strips of the shoes also echoes the pink heart shape crossbody from Rebecca Minkoff.

Now it’s your turn. Show us how you dress up with your comfy shoes!


Top: Banana Republic Pintuck White Silk Tunic

Bottom: Banana Republic Black Floral Midi Skirt

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Heart Crossbody

Shoes: Adidas Originals

Accessories: Prada Sunglasses, Swarovski Ties of Love Necklace

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