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Georgia Barnsley Gardens Resort Vacation & Stories | My First Ever S'mores Experience

Barnsley Gardens and Ruins belonged to a British immigrant Godfrey Barnsley who came to the US in the early 19th for good. He made money from his cotton and transportation business and purchased the land in northern Georgia around 1840s. He decided to build a mansion and garden for his wife Julia in this place but unfortunately Julia died in 1845 before the construction was completed. Barnsley abandoned the project.

But the legend says that one day he had a dream where Julia insisted that he should finish what he started. I’m assuming Julia just wanted to make sure she could still live in a mansion even as a ghost. Anyways, this Italian style mansion finally came to life in 1848. But it didn’t end up well. The mansion was destroyed and the roof was taken away in a tornado and the land was sold by the Barnsley’s family later sometime. It had stayed a depressing place until 1988 when a Bavarian prince bought the entire area and developed it into this England style resort.

I'll say no more. You can check about this interesting place in my travel VLOG!

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