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Hi everyone! I’m Ming Francis. Born and raised in Beijing, I completed my graduate study from Northwestern University in Chicago and became a broadcaster in Washington DC. I changed my career path after a couple of years reporting experience because of my curiosity in the business world and I've been working on startup projects for a few years since then. Blogging is one of my long time hobbies and I'm glad that I had the chance to create as  an opportunity to share my thoughts and creative work. 


I’ve been reading and writing a lot of fashion articles and I still can’t answer the question “what is fashion?” I believe it’s a kind of chemistry that you sense and feel. Maybe that’s why we read so many fashion magazines and blogs, because we want ourselves to get inspired all the time. Well, if you also believe all fashion is chemistry, we’d like to share our secret ingredient of “east meets west” on this website. 


I now reside in suburban Atlanta with my husband and our Siberian cat Lady Barrette (definitely not the one in the photo). I never know where my next stop is. But isn’t it exciting?

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy my articles!

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